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The first post is kind of a big deal right?

...say we turn out to be the worlds most famous bloggers, people will go back to the beginning to see what all the hype was about.  The fist post can't be lame, so let me tell you a little about us, because...we aren't lame!

Welcome to our blog! We are Brenda and Sarah, two bankers (yep, not a typo) from little RI.  I know your saying "hey back it up sister you just said you weren't lame".  Just hear me out~we are two woman that want to let some creativity, humor and fact out on the wide world web. We started out wanting to come up with some kind of creative business that can also help give back to the community so we had this brainchild and named it HŌMbädi.

So many of you have followed us throughout our launch, events and our open houses, and I just want to say thank you! We had so much fun at the home parties that you all hosted, and have made some great new friends.

Back in the fall both Sarah and I actually left our full time banking jobs to follow our dreams, and so far...scary as hell but absolutely worth it!  We have created a company that we feel good about, that does great things, sells great products, and we have honestly met some fabulous people.  This blog will follow our business journey but also talk about real life, mom life, wife life, friend life, work life.  Hopefully we can relate to many people, and have a few laughs together.

Cheers to you, and a great 2020 ahead! We've got a lot planned for the new year  and can't wait to share the journey with you all!





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