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Our Story

so...what exactly is HŌMbädi?

lets start by teaching you how to pronounce it, its pretty simple, just a play on letters.  ready....home-body. we believe a HŌMbädi is someone who loves to laugh+have a great time, who loves their family and friends and who at the end of the day loves to come HŌM to a comfy space that they can call theirs.

how did we get here?

so there we were sitting behind a desk looking out at bank lobby...yep, not a typo here. we were bank managers.  sound fun?  we didn't think so either...we needed to get our creative minds working so we took the plunge and here we are.  TEAM HŌMbädi.  

its very impolite to not introduce ourselves, so hello!  We are Brenda and Sarah and we are the creators behind HŌMbädi.  We started this journey (in our minds) a few years ago and in time we turned the awesome dream into a reality.  we have a strong belief in fun, and shopping we also love to give back to the community that we live in.  With these beliefs we started a company that does just that.  we hand select unique finds that will be perfect for the friend that has everything, that will make you laugh your ass off and that will also make you think...holy shit I NEED that.

we are so thankful for your support as we dive in. 

meet us

co-founder + ceo (crap everywhere officer)


its no joke, I have 3 kids under 5 so I literally have crap.  EVERYWHERE.  I am Brenda and like I said, I'm a mom to 3 hilarious little kiddos that have more energy than...well I'm not even sure who has the equivalent amount of energy, so we will leave it at that. Sarah claims that I am funny, she has named me CEO b/c I keep shit rolling.

co- founder and cfo (coffee, food organizer)


also not a joke...our "business meetings" must start with a mandatory coffee, include a home baked treat+ lots of inappropriate laughter.  Hello, I'm Sarah and I am a mom to one persistent, overly eloquent little cutie.  Brenda thinks that I am funny as hell, and has labeled me the Dorothy to her Sophia.  

we both aim to be more Blanch'ish but it is what it is.